Thursday, January 20, 2011

Missing Kitty.

I'm honestly not certain of how many people randomly stumble on blogs -- but hell, this is worth a try.

My grey tabby is currently MIA. He's an adorable kitty with white paws. He's also incredibly shy and tends to avoid people as a whole. He's not currently wearing a collar -- He manages to slip it off every time we get it back on him. Anyway, in the hopes that someone might read this and seen him, here's a photo:

If you have seen him, please contact me at:

It's much appreciated (:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another day, another...something.

Gahhh. Stressing. There's still been lots and lots going on.

Regardless! I didn't start my one-point perspective project just yet. I wanted to start on the bus this morning from Arcadia to Walnut but... I didn't want to be distracted. Since I'll be home with chores and what-not later today, I figure I can take a break at some point and at the very least get started. So tomorrow, I'll probably scan and upload my tribute to blobs (: This blog will feel less empty!!!

Well, anyway! In a few hours, Wilson's about to start his very first class at Art Center as an Entertainment Design student of Art Center [Sheesh. Mouthful.] sooo I'm going to go ahead and knock out for a bit and, hopefully, help him wake up when he has to! :3

Monday, January 17, 2011

Woohoo revival (:

Okay! So I decided that...HEY. I didn't really love so it has now become -- :3

So, I'm currently learning how to draw cylinders. I decided that I'm going to take it a step backwards and learn one-point perspective (: I tried drawing a geometrically correct cylinder and it just looked funny in every-which-way possible. Then I drew another one while using one-point perspective and it just looked...more correct. Very exciting.

Weeheeeheeeee. Since Wilson's going to be doing some room re-arranging, I figured I could practice one-point perspective (: Yayyyyyy. I'll probably finish sometime this week though I won't be able to constantly bug Wilson to make sure I'm doing it correctly -- seeing as how he's starting Art Center this coming Tuesday ): 7 classes. It's amazing.

Alrighties -- that's it for now (: